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Live Life with Automatic Watches

About Grayton

Grayton was born from a watch manufacturer's idea to offer automatic timepieces and offers magnificent choices for luxury lifestyles. Choose the watch that authentically demonstrates your values and beliefs.


The Art of Automatic

Automatic watches are the technology of the past used in the modern world. Grayton's craftsmen pay close attention to every detail of the watch to ensure in the exquisite quality of each timepiece.


Classic Collection

Radiance Collection


When a reporter, explorer and writer who loves the Tibetan mountains meets Grayton Automatic Watches, a colorful collection is born from
the heights of Shangri-La and touched by a ray of light: Radiance.
Thanks to our new Ambassador Constantin De Slizewicz!

Minimalist Collection


Simple fashion never goes out of style. Grayton Minimalist Collection is a gallery of new
and modern timepieces you can have to stay chic and gorgeous in
the simplest way. This is a perfect choice for the stylish You.

Grayton Diplomat Collection


Grayton Diplomat Collection captivates all watch connoisseurs’ attention with an insignia of the classic style. Each Diplomat timepiece features the timeless aesthetics of a great watch – stunning sunray dial, sturdy bracelet and strap, and the notable Sellita Caliber SW200 Swiss made movement.

Favorites from Instagram


Capturing your daily moments is an important part of the Grayton experience. It is the passion of our customers and therefore the soul of our brand. Atop a building with a fantastic view, near the sea, in your favorite coffee shop or a cozy moment at home in front of the fire...

Let your imagination run wild...

Passion by Heart, Work by Hands: Grayton
Automatic Watches Story

In the dynamic kingdom of the watchmaking world, the movements used, and the choices of cases, dials, straps and other watches parts are not anymore, the distinguishing factors that can set aside a brand from others. These are not always, the features that can make a person buy an automatic watch. If there is one thing that can demarcate it from others, that is the identity- the values that the brand embraces and is trying to incorporate in its very own existence in the competitive business world.

In building our brand image, Grayton has made sure when buying automatic wrist watches we can live up to what we believe in. The beginning is always tough but with constant faith and unending enthusiasm to succeed and overcome failures, Grayton is a proof that the challenges we have faced are just shallow enemies we should not be afraid of.

Grayton is an offshoot from the 25-years, fruitful watchmaking career of our founder Remi Chabrat, who believes that anyone can buy an automatic watch and experience luxury and elegance without the need to spend a fortune.

As a brand, Grayton reflects a watchmaking culture of excellent craftsmanship, believes in the importance of family tradition and descendant, a cheerful and exceptional lifestyle and a life full of happiness and optimism.

With these thoughts in mind, the four pillars of Grayton Watches are conceived: Tradition and Craftsmanship, Family Heritage and Transmission, Quality Lifestyle and Warmth and Conviviality.

Tradition and Craftsmanship

For every timepiece we make, we always make sure the utmost care and attention to details are well-observed by our craft makers. With roots from traditional mechanical watchmaking, Grayton, the best automatic watches online are still trying to have that classic, authentic feels of a traditional craftsmanship.

We let the art of traditional watchmaking continually prosper as we respect the history and best automatic watch practices of our own industry.

Family Heritage

Giving importance to family values and practices is at the heart of Grayton. We believe the learned values and principles are always worthy to be passed on from one family member to another. The transference of knowledge, skills, and experiences between kin is a culture that we cannot afford to be taken for granted.

We would like to make sure that these cardinal values and traits are also mirrored with Grayton. So, whether you buy an automatic watch at a stores or just choose another automatic watch online, this means that having a Grayton watch is a great keepsake that you can pass on from one generation to another. It is a Grayton way of showing our utmost appreciation for the values you have tried to uphold with your family.

Quality Lifestyle

Life is what you make it and everyone is dreaming to have a well-deserved life. Grayton watches are exquisite timepieces for men and women who want to enjoy the best things in life. We would like to become part of every journey you experience and your life’s greatest moments.

With this, it is now time for you to buy an automatic watch before everything gets gloomy and dull. You might be wondering why, but we only have one reason: Grayton will enhance your life with sophistication and caliber.

Warmth and Conviviality

At Grayton, we always want to turn a monochromatic world into a vivid, blissful, warm and cozy space where you can breathe well and embrace life’s best experiences and memories.

We encourage social interactions between individuals so each one can feel the ardent passion we have when you buy an automatic watch online. We want to impart the culture we have cultivated in our world, from ours to yours. After all, we all want to have a festive, lively world.

This, together with our other three values, comprises the pillars of Grayton Watches. This is our identity. These are the Grayton values.