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About Grayton

A Passion for Watchmaking

Founded by Remi Chabrat, an expert with 25 years in the the watch industry, Grayton Automatic Watches is dedicated to creating affordable luxury and enduring style with automatic watches for men and women.

Remi Chabrat’s passion for watchmaking began at an early age…

“I discovered my first automatic watch as a young boy, when opening a drawer at my grandfather’s house. It was a WWI officer’s watch. Intrigued, I turned the crown to wind it and as if by magic, nearly one hundred years after first being produced, it began to move and accurately keep time. At that moment, my passion for watches was born.”

Remi Chabrat - CEO

Automatic watches represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship and maintain a connection with the past and the genius watchmakers who developed them in the 18th century. It is with these values in mind that Grayton carries on the time-honored tradition of watchmaking.

At Grayton, we insist on perfection and that attitude is apparent in our watches and their distinctive characteristics:


In a world of intentional obsolescence that leaves little regard for the past, our watches pay tribute to our rich heritage and are made to last forever.


In the tradition of fine craftsmanship, Grayton watches are handcrafted one by one, and our watchmakers are as much artists as they are technicians.


We don’t just make watches for today, we make them for generations. Our designs are timeless and made to be handed down from generation to generation as cherished family heirlooms.

You may choose a Grayton Automatic Watch for style, for quality or for utility but no matter what reason you choose, a Grayton will stay with you and your family forever. Perhaps one day, a drawer will be opened in a family home and a new generation will get to experience the enduring appeal of a finely crafted automatic watch.