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Grayton Minimalist Collection

Minimalist Automatic Watches


Grayton Minimalist Collection is a perfect blend of choices for every man and woman who wants to enjoy a stylish,
simple life. With 40mm cases, these open-heart watches radiate the perfectly grand
lifestyles you have, effortlessly. This gallery of posh timepieces gives you a
thousand reasons why you should have these dazzling timepieces now.


Minimalist Collection

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Capturing your daily moments is an important part of the Grayton experience. It is the passion of our customers and therefore the soul of our brand. Atop a building with a fantastic view, near the sea, in your favorite coffee shop or a cozy moment at home in front of the fire...

Let your imagination run wild...

Introducing the Most Awaited Watches:
Grayton Minimalist Collection

In the watchmaking sphere, the choices you have are diverse. From the simplest quartz watches to the most complex automatic watches, any of these options are quite available in the ever-changing realm of watchmaking. And if you compare the present-day watches available in the market from before, you can notice a big difference.That is, the watches’ evolution has indeed come a long way.

The pool of the most intricate watches is already in significant figures in the industry. From smartwatches to the skeleton automatic watches, the birth of these watches in the watch fashion world has created a buzz amongst the watch aficionados. Yet, while the others might be very fond of having complex timepieces, the fact that others may still prefer the simple watches they used to have cannot be disregarded.

Thus, the birth of Grayton Minimalist Automatic Watches Collection.


This collection is Grayton’s newest gallery of minimalist mechanical watches for both men and women watch enthusiasts who are looking for the perfect watch to wear and mix-match with their apparel and the occasions.

These minimalist mechanical watches are classic timepieces created because of Grayton’s undying initiative to revisit the past and to make everyone value simple but long-lasting automatic minimalist watch that can withstand the challenges of time and can still be great heirlooms for the next generations.

Inspired by the idea of simplicity with a touch of being stylish and classy, this collection has three marvelous must-haves mechanical minimalist watches crafted with utmost care, accuracy and precision.

In the concept of having a minimalist automatic watches, we retained the fne, classic stroke of the old times and added a touch of the modern ages into these three timepieces.

Perfect for anytime of the day, these timepieces have dazzling sweeping hands with a Luminous Layer and Lum- Filled, diamond cut indexes pointed at 3, 6, 9 and 12 ‘o clock positions to give you convenience in reading the correct time of the day.


Grayton believes that being minimalistic should not limit your imagination. We love to bring you to a new world of amazement by showing you the heart of your watch.

From a company that cares about the beauty of what is inside, the Grayton Minimalist Automatic Watches Collection has three splendid creations, all with the so called "watch apertures" to give you a total perfect view in observing how your watch came into life through the continuous shifting of its gears.

Being grand and chic is not always about having a very intricate mechanical minimalist watches. Sometimes, it is just all about enjoying a carefree and posh lifestyle with a minimalist mechanical watches on your wrist.