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Story & Philosophy of Grayton Automatic Watches

For the Love of It

An automatic watch is for a lover: A lover of quality, skilled craftsmanship and timelessness. Why? Because unlike a quartz watch (one powered by a battery) the heart of an automatic watch is made by a series of movements all powering each other, building up and storing energy through the movement of your wrist or the winding of the side switch. It is an amazing process, with each gear and movement all beating together and relying on the movement and gear of the former.


A True Automatic Watch

And while the heart beats in an automatic watch, the mark of a true mechanical watch is ironically the smooth, (non-tick tock) movement of the seconds hand that sweeps around the face, circling back to the twelve every 60 seconds. This isn’t just a watch you have in your possession, you have what is essentially a living thing; driven by the power of your energy and crafted by someone who understands the importance of absolute precision. If treated right, it will not die, it will not break, it will never stop and it will be passed down from generation to generation for decades, if not centuries to come.



Grayton automatic watches all use the classic mechanisms and assembly as automatic watches throughout history and around the world. Like the old clock towers in New York City, Grayton watches have the style of vintage and the insides of a traditional automatic watch. 



They say that what makes the USA special. Some of the best ideas come from the USA and some of the best ideas from the USA come from New York City: Grayton automatic watches being one of them. And, while most automatic watch companies hail from Switzerland, we look to rebuild our mold and hail from one of the greatest cities in the world. We may not be traditional in our ways, but we want to write our own script and forge our own identity in the watch community.



There are over 165 pieces that make up a Grayton Automatic Watch, but that doesn’t stop us from constantly coming up with new designs and styles for our customers. We are currently experimenting with nylon and graffiti watches to bring the style of the street to a wearable fashion on your wrist. We want to be able to be ever-changing to keep up with the rapidly evolving times. Try to keep up!



There are many types of automatic watches out there, but none with the quality and price-points of a Grayton automatic watch. We strive to bring our customers a competitively priced yet reliable watch, something that fits anyone, for any budget in any price range. We know housing in NYC is getting more expensive by the minute, but at least with a Grayton, you can be sure that your wrist doesn’t have to suffer.



Share your Adventure with Grayton Watches

Capturing your daily moments are important for Grayton. They are the passion of our customers and therefore the soul of Grayton. Atop a building with a fantastic view, near to the sea, in your favorite coffee shop or even at your cosy home with chimney fire… Let your imagination run wild…

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