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Automatic Watches for Men

44 mm and 40 mm case

A good watch is the perfect accessory for a man to make a fashion statement. The Grayton collection of 40mm and 44mm automatic watches do it with style.

Take a look at our classic collection for men, we're certain the perfect one awaits you. Men don't have a lot of accessory options, so the ones they choose should be bold and powerful. Remember too that an automatic watch from Grayton makes a great gift, for yourself or others, anytime.

With a 44mm and 40mm diameter, these watches are a mix of classic timepieces and dress watches with a great modern style.

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Capturing your daily moments is an important part of the Grayton experience. It is the passion of our customers and therefore the soul of our brand. Atop a building with a fantastic view, near the sea, in your favorite coffee shop or a cozy moment at home in front of the fire...

Let your imagination run wild...

Grayton Automatic Watches for Men:
The Signature Timepieces

Suit and tie, paired with the best pants and shoes is a common outfit of the elegant, highly-respected men in the society. They seem to be already dashing as ever in this attire, but when they match it with one great accessory, a total different and alluring man is born.

Undeniably true, for men who are not even fond of wearing any accessory, having an automatic watch on wrist as their one and only accessory is an achievement unlocked. This is one reason why men now are so indulged and obsessed to have their own perfect watches.

Being classy and elegant while trying to look as an upright, noble man at the same time, is something that only Grayton Men's Automatic Watches can offer you. With our hearts deeply rooted in making signature timepieces, take your own time in finding the watch that can radiate your inner self unnoticeably.

Enjoy the grandeur of Grayton’s 40mm and 44mm men’s automatic watches cases which is an ideal size for gentlemen who prefer a not too tight or too loose wristwatch. This exemplary idea is a perfect twain with the intricate and classic designs we have to suit the taste of every classy gentlemen around the world.

Crafted by the best watchmakers in the industry, these automatic watches for men are created with extreme care to make sure that you get only the best watches. From the designs and materials, to the movements we should choose, you are assured that our watches are truly wonders created only by Grayton.

This collection has ravishing splendid men's automatic watches you can choose from, with varying designs and combinations inspired by the values we have and our passion in watchmaking.

In the fashion realm, the catwalk is not always destined to be men’s platform in flaunting what they got. Masculine and minimalistic enough, a watch is indeed the only accessory that they can wear cozily every day. Given that, men should enjoy the attention they get because of the watch they wear.

For some, men's automatic watches are signature pieces that can differentiate one from the other. The exclusivity and grandness of being distinguished from the crowd just because of the watch you wear is a recognition that you should not miss out.

Undoubtedly, watches are just simply irresistible and absolutely one of the many things you should not forget in your lifetime.