Constantin De Slizewicz – Explorer,
Reporter, Writer

Constantin de Slizewicz - Ambassador for the Radiance Watch Collection

WRITER, TRAVELER AND creator of the

Constantin De Slizewicz, spent a lifetime creating respected photo-journalism for the French and Chinese press. In 2005 he settled next to Lu Gu Lake, China where he spent two years managing hostels and writing Les Peuples Oublies du Tibet, Les Canonnieres du Yang Tse Kiang and Ivre de Chine. He has been living for more than fifteen years in the Yunnan province of China and more precisely, in the region of the Tibetan Mountains next to Shangri-La.

Authentic travel is an art unto itself! Created in 2010 and based in Shangri-La, the Caravane Liotard are overland voyages that combine luxury with the centuries old adventure of horse caravans used to cross the Yunnan and Tibetan provinces along the legendary Tea Horse Road.

The Radiance Collection by Constantin De Slizewicz,
a Palette of Tibetan Colors

In wintertime, on the mountains of Shangri-La at an altitude of 4100 meters, the explorer and writer Constantin De Slizewicz met Rémi Chabrat, the creator of GRAYTON automatic watches: here, in this spectacular wilderness, an idea was born - to design an elegant watch combining the colorful Tibetan universe with the romantic adventure of traditional caravan journeys,resurrected by the Caravane Liotard.

Like the prayer flags that sway eternally in the breeze, the colors of the Shangri-La’s watch dials are like green alpine pastures, white-silver mountain snows, red plaster monastic villages where prayer instruments sing, turquoise blue of winter waters flowing in the Mekong and the brown wood of the Tibetan chalets in the old city of Shangri-La.

Photos are provided by Courtesy of Thomas Goisque

The Radiance Collection


The eternal movement of the Radiance automatic watch beats in rhythm like the sure-footed horses of the Caravane Liotard, in the tradition of centuries old explorers such as Bacot, Rock or Liotard. By traveling to Shangri-La, the isolated paradise of the Tibetans, amazement is found in the landscape that lies between the horizon and the starry sky. Camping at 3700 meters, you stand with a Champagne flute among the heights experiencing the wonder of the world. It is this profound amazement that the Radiance Watch puts on the wrist.