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Fouad Ceet - Graffiti Artist

Street Artist Fouad Ceet is Grayton's New Ambassador

Graffiti artist and painter Ceet has been active and prolific on the international art scene since the mid-eighties. Experimenting with various applications of acrylic, oil, and spray paint, Ceet's work subtly refers to the history of Pop Art, but also has a strong urban identity. In recent years, Ceet has focused on his "Chicanos" series.

The cartoonish chickens portrayed by the artist mirror the emotions and personalities of human beings. Through his colorful and humorous approach, Ceet makes a bold modern critique of societies 'followers' who are afraid to stand out as individuals and points out that, most people just chicken-out!

Ceet's Art Watch - The New Limited Edition By Grayton

When street artist Ceet and GRAYTON Automatic Watches' founder Remi Chabrat met, they came up with the idea to create a limited edition Ceet's Art Watch. They dreamed up a dynamic design, a solidly engineered mechanism and a high-quality look that is colorful, yet also has a sophisticated finish.

Ceet's design for the automatic watch dial face retains a sense of humor as his "Chicanos" stare around confusedly lost at the numbers and ticking hands. Now, with a flat cut-edge black leather strap, GRAYTON offers this enjoyable, exclusive watch model for those who want to keep Ceet's art and ideas just a glance away!

Ceet's Art Watch

The Sophistication of a Grayton Timepiece, Combined
With a Fun and Colorful Design By Ceet

Ceet makes the walls come alive, his street art transcends culture and connects with everyone; he inspires laughter, hope and creates brightly "squished" chickens for those of any age to enjoy.

GRAYTON also strives to connect people and cultures worldwide: with the idea that time moves forward and is common ground for all people, anywhere, automatically.

The Ceet / Grayton self-winding automatic watch is reliable, authentic and demonstrates true craftsmanship and attention to detail. On top of that, it contains an important difference from quartz watches: the second hand "sweeps" across the face rather than "ticking" every second.It marks the time more fluidly, brings a smile to your face and is sleek and comfortable for everyday wear.