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Thomas Goisque – Photojournalist,
Writer, Adventurer

Thomas Goisque –
Ambassador for the Classic
Watch Collection

International Photojournalist, He travels the world for more than 25 years

Born and raised in France, Thomas Goisque finished a photography degree at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (National School of Decorative Arts).

For more than fifteen years, Goisque has become a notable photojournalist and an adventurer whose zeal in taking worthy photographs is quite commendable. His passion for photography, particularly his interest in learning how other people live and interact with one another, led him to travel to foreign lands.

The photos from his adventures reflect the life and emotions of people with diverse cultural and social situations. Most of his remarkable photos are published at various international media sources. Among these are Le Figaro Magazine, a French weekly newspaper and other magazines such as National Geographic, Paris Match, Geo, Le Point, and L'Express.

He is also an author of several books such as High Tension, Under the Star of Freedom and the famous documentary titled The Odyssey of Sao Mai.

To know more about Thomas Goisque visit: website and Facebook

The Classic Collection by
Thomas Goisque -
Roots From Passion; Done
Through Art

Thomas’ trips became his reminder that the innate values and traditional beliefs acquired as a young kids, are embedded in his heart no matter where he is.

Learning and understanding the beliefs of others makes him realize the vast diversity of people and the impact it has on the emotions and interest of others. Their resiliency, despite life circumstances, is a metaphor for his journey and his best comrade- that is his timekeeper.

His timepiece is another versatile, yet classic items he has carried throughout, aside from his camera. It has become an essential part of his life bearing the authenticity of values driven by refined craftsmanship and the nonstop movement of an automatic watch.

The perpetual movement of his watch reflects his persistence to survive living in other places and to move forward continuously. His optimism and enthusiasm in valuing what is vintage opened the door for a collaboration with Remi Chabrat, founder of Grayton Automatic Watches.

Thus, the Classic Collection is born.

The Classic Collection

Eternal Values in Timeless Timepieces: Heritage, Lifestyle,
Warmth, and Conviviality

Remembering the past and valuing it until today are the hopes that keep this Classic Collection remain true to the spirit of keeping the classic designs in every watch’s dials and hands.

The simplicity of black, white, and blue is universal. Wherever you go, these are hues your eyes can clearly recognize. Without them, the world becomes dull and nothing. So, these are the vintage colors mirrored in every timeless classic watch’s dial in this collection that make it very dear and worthy to have one.

These watches are perfectly paired with the earthly colors of brown and black through its leather straps, and silver or gold through the stainless steel bracelets that are all crafted with accuracy and precision.

Grayton Classic Collection is a bridge that connects anyone to the world of traditional, authentic designs. It is a reminder to enjoy and nurture always the traits and beliefs of cultures bound by timeless works of love and camaraderie for humanity.

Moreover, there is a heritage in every automatic watch that can be passed to future generations. Either as a keepsake or just a gift, a Grayton Classic Automatic Watch will never go out of style. It will remain genuine and essential in the hearts of everyone.