At Grayton, we’re not a watch brand. We are urbanites; local to cities, exploring and searching for new experiences within them. Inspired by the complexity and singularity of such areas, we’ve become explorers and adventurers. The city is our inspiration and we want to share the excitement it gives us through our watches.


Originally, we’re a team of designers and watch industry specialists from around the world. We all united around our feelings for cities and their non-stop action. Today, Grayton is a group of people who share the same project: to create watches inspired and made for an urban environment.


We’ve drawn inspiration from our experiences living and working in three world class cities that captivate many: New York, Paris and Hong Kong. We’re driven by these places and want to share their uniqueness with our community. Our designs come straight from the street and are made for the men and women that roam them every day.


In the spirit of the perpetual movement urban areas are prone to, an automatic movement with its self-winding mechanism was a must for us. We believe that the continuous motion required to power them is a testament to the non-stop nature of cities.

Quality is equally a requirement for us. We’ve always appreciated the value of a strong community and wish to build the same with our customers. This starts with trust in the product. We therefore insist on the highest quality materials and manufacture with exacting details to ensure reliability, durability, and accuracy from all our products.

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