9 Reasons to buy an automatic watch:

Here are the Last three

7. You Really Only Need One


Just like an engagement ring or a pearl necklace, there isn’t need for any more than one good watch. One good automatic watch goes with everything. Unlike ties, shoes or most other accessories your automatic watch can become a part of your signature style; meaning only one is necessary in establishing your identity. Too much change sometimes takes away from your distinctive look and less change on your wrist means more change in your pocket.


8. A Good Automatic Watch Appreciates Over Time! You’re Making an Investment!


Unlike a car, which depreciates the second you sign the purchasing contract, a good automatic watch is like buying a good piece of jewelry with real gems and real materials (gold, silver, etc.). We already know an automatic watch has no expiration date and if treated right has many years to keep appreciating. You could spend your money on fast-fashion and cheap products, or you could choose to save up and buy yourself a really nice watch and basically watch the watch increase in worth as it becomes increasingly more valuable and crosses the threshold into vintage. Treat it well and if necessary use it for a rainy day.


9. Buy a Grayton and Reap All the Benefits


Ay, here’s the rub. Price. In honesty, it always comes back down to price. Someone could sit and brag about whatever product they have, tell you how amazing and special and wonderful it is…but ultimately it doesn’t matter until the numbers are laid out. Nowadays, it is possible for a fully integrated company – with watch production capacities, etc. – to offer accessible automatic watches without cutting corners on quality and craftsmanship. But remember an automatic watch can be accessible, and still be high in quality. High-quality is always what wins out in the end and while Grayton may not be well-known in 2016, we are confident in the quality that goes into every Grayton watch.