9 Reasons to buy an automatic watch:

Here are the first three

In an age where nothing is special, how do you know when what you have is? When it comes to fashion, there are two types of people in this world: those who wear automatic watches and those who don’t. The latter are practical. Why be weighed down by an extra accessory when we all carry around phones that tell the exact time to the millisecond? I understand these people. But, while the smartphone may have revolutionized our means of communication by replacing the radio, camera, television, compass, music player, watch, internet and whatever else and putting them all into one quick and easy portable device of the future, what it didn’t do, and what it will never do is replace our desire for self-expression.

It is this desire for individuality and self-expression that creates our own unique style and is the basis of the fashion industry. Fashion is culture. Culture is art. And if there is something that technology cannot replace, it is art. So while I may understand the practical group, I am always of the former one. Here are 9 reasons why you should become part of the former group and get an automatic watch.

1. They Never Go Out of Style


We used to use a watch to tell time. At the time of its debut, the watch was an amazing gadget, crafted precisely so that it could be wound and worn mechanically with each gear pushing on the other at the right moment in order to keep an accurate measurement of time.

Nowadays, it is still an unbelievable technology, as we live in an age where batteries power our lives almost exclusively. And, while many watches have transitioned into battery operated wrist machines, there’s a reason why the original technology hasn’t gone the way of the dodo and lives on in some of the most prestigious and exclusive watch brands.


2. Automatic Watches Synonymous with Quality Craftsmanship


Unlike the iPhone 3, there are locks and keys found at the Forum in Rome that still work to this day. This is quality craftsmanship and this is the type of expertise that creates technology that lasts centuries.

The thing is, the more advanced we get, the faster we can do things and with time being the most valuable currency, the less inclined we are to spend it on something that doesn’t necessarily need it. Simply speaking, crafting an automatic watch requires training and time (much more than a battery-operated or quartz watch requires) to produce a product almost indistinguishable from the outside and yet monumentally more expensive. But it is this craftsmanship that holds the watches’ place in the hall of timelessness.


3. You Are Literally What Makes the Watch Work


When made correctly, an automatic watch is a self-running, almost living thing. The insides or what many refer to as the “heart” of the watch beats through the movement of your wrist of through the winding of the dial. The rotor, a little piece inside the watch moves back and forth starting and storing energy to wind the gears within the heart. Essentially your movement moves the watch forward, creating a true connection between you and your timepiece.