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  • Common Watch Terms You Should Know [Part 2]

    Here is the last part of the watch glossary that you must learn:


    Japanese Automatic Movement – manufactured by Seiko or Miyota; among the known Japan Seiko movements are NH35 and NH38 which are all utilized by Grayton Automatic Watches.

  • Common Watch Terms You Should Know [Part 1]

    As a watch enthusiast, it is important that you know your watch well compared to others. Somehow, learning first the basic watch terms is the best way to utilize your timepiece’s functionality to the fullest...
  • Why Does Grayton Use Japanese Seiko Automatic Movements?

    In watchmaking, having the best movement is essential. Why? It is because a movement is the watch’s engine and it defines its durability and stability in the long...
  • How Automatic Watches Work?

    Other than the exclusivity associated with wearing a watch, the marvel of how a mechanical watch works is an art that drives watch enthusiasts to explore and to understand their watches better than anyone else. A watch movement is the core of the timepiece itself. So, how do automatic watches work then? Everything starts with the fact that a watch is a machine. Hence, certain processes are involved in the overall...
  • NATO Watch Straps: A Guide on How to Adjust It

    In the world of watch nerds, a watch strap is a substantial element. The common straps – leather, rubber, or fabric are the usual choices of many watch users. However, watch lovers are still lucky to have NATO straps as another...
  • How to Change Your Watch Strap?

    When is the last time you bought something new for yourself? Is it a long time ago or just recently? Well then, you must believe that regardless of when it is, it almost does not matter at all. The truth is, you really do not have to buy brand new things if you can just change parts of it to make...
  • How to Pick the Perfect Watch for Your Hand Size?

    Imagine yourself wearing clothes that you do not like. It feels odd right? You feel like a different person because it is not your style at all. The same thing goes for your shoes, jewelry, and even watches. A watch reflects your...
  • How to Wind an Automatic Watch for First-Time Owners

    There is always a ‘first time’ for everything. Your first walk, first day at school, first kiss, first heartbreak and so on. It is normal and part of the norm. But what about the first time own an automatic watch? Well, this one ...
  • Automatic vs. Quartz and What to Expect from Your Watch

    Sometimes, expecting too much just give disappointments. This is true, but not when proper expectations are set. This understanding is reflected in a multitude of daily life scenarios and practical situations wherein you need to show that you are a rational thinker. A great example is when ...

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