Do Whiskey Stones Really Rock?

Stones Used to Cool Drinks Take Over Freezers.

Refrigerated “whisky” stones claim to cool down any drink without diluting the beverage


Rocks are not just used for building structures and decorating our bodies as jewelry. They are now being used in lieu of ice cubes and I can’t seem to stop hearing about them. While fancy ice cubes are still being used to “wow” whisky drinkers at bars, at home these stones are being shown off to friends and family as a godsend that no longer leaves drinks watered down.

However, I’ve always thought that you were allowed to add a finger of water to a glass of whisky. And if we’re being honest, I’m not the most sophisticated of whisky drinkers. An 18-year-old bottle of Chivas Regal has the same burn as your standard bottle of Jameson. Getting the liquid down my throat and into my bloodstream is the main idea. So I have to admit that I’ve tried techniques in order to make whisky and other beverages a bit easier to swallow. The best technique was dilution.


Rocks Can Be Used for Other Beverages Besides Whisky


Since the stones are rocks, there is not really an expiration date on the amount of time you can keep them. In fact, if you put them in the freezer they become cold just after two hours! That was the first thing I noticed and a plus!

While the stones did not cool my drink down as dramatically as ice cubes, it definitely did make the glass colder (and heavier) and I could tell the whisky was “chilled.” However, after my nice little finger of whisky, there they still were, the stones at the bottom of the glass, covered in whisky.

We then poured a little Bailey’s into the glass to test out another liquor and while the cooling effects were noticeable, they weren’t exactly monumental. However, what I liked about using Bailey’s was that it showed me cream and milk based products work very well with these stones. While I may not be a whisky enthusiast, I do drink a lot of milk shakes and smoothies and sometimes am bothered by the additional finger of water that gathers at the top of the glass. This is another plus.

But, just like with the whisky, after I finished the Baileys I looked down at the bottom of my glass and there they were staring right up at me, three square rocks covered in Baileys. My friend then took my glass, rinsed the access liquid off the rocks and placed them back into the little box they came in.


An Honest Review: Stones Good For “Enthusiasts” But Ice Still Works


The Pros:

They get cold faster than ice can freeze and therefore are a good last minute decision if in fact you don’t have any ice made. They also don’t melt and therefore don’t dilute drinks. They also are cute little party favors that start conversation and can be a great thing to give as a gift.

The Cons:

I thought the maintenance of the stones to be quite annoying, as not only do you have to wash the stones after each use, you have to make sure they are dry when you put them in the freezer so access water does not form around them. In addition, they make the glass heavier and while they do get cold, they don’t get as cold as ice.

For people who consider themselves whisky connoisseurs, I believe that this is a fun product to use alone or with company. But this is definitely not the iPhone of the cold beverage world: I doubt this will ever revolutionize the industry of chilling drinks. In addition, if the cooling effect of stones was really a game changer, don’t we all have some rocks at the bottom of a fish tank, or even just outside on the street that we could clean up and serve the same way? I don’t know, maybe that’s a foolish suggestion but for now I think I will stick to my free water, and therefore ice, and save the expense for another time.


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