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Shenzhen Sea World Restaurant Offers Affordable, Yet High Quality Food


When my friends asked me if I wanted to “try Shark” I initially said no. The ethics alone behind the work and exploitation that goes into shark fin soup as well as my general distaste for eating anything that has such a high percentage of cartilage has always deterred me from spending large sums of money on the man-eater.

But after expressing my views, they quickly corrected my thought process and told me it was the name of a restaurant she was quite fond of in Sea World. I thought the location was fitting for a restaurant named after the infamous fish.

Still skeptical on the fare upon arrival since the restaurant sports live sharks, that swim back and forth, instead of a name plate on the outside of the building. I agreed anyways. However, my initial apprehension was quickly dashed after a quick look around the establishment. Dark lighting, leather seats, wooden tables, and soft music: I was reminded of the criteria needed to impress a first date and was sure the restaurant would have an extensive wine list. I was right.


Shark Snacks as Starters


We started with a bottle of Plumbago, a red wine from Sicily, and read the menu. The wide selection of tapas caught my eye, none containing the big fish the restaurant gets it name from, and we decided to make a meal of them. We ordered the Parma ham and melon, the cheese platter, spicy prawns and the chorizo and squid. The waitress was very attentive and came to our aid almost the moment we made eye contact with her.

The tapas were all very impressive, with the cheese platter and the Parma ham and melon being my favorite. The cheese platter was an array of goat, blue, Gouda and a type of Camembert that I had never tried. However, what really stood out to my table guests and I was the goat cheese, which was decorated with a little honey, just enough to really bring out the flavor of the cheese.

On another plate, the salty Parma ham wrapped around the cold, sweet melon was yet another example of extremes that the restaurant does well. The melon was perfect, succulent yet firm. A common error that many restaurants make when they attempt this dish is they go “soft” on the melon, really bringing down the overall quality of the flavors. Even if the melon is sweet, the firmness is really what brings the coupling of flavors and textures to a head.


Big Dishes Satisfied the Hungry


Since the tapas were quite small, we later ordered the duck confit special and cheeseburger to share. The cheeseburger,requested at 30 percent, came with a side of fries that when bitten into were crispy on the outside but very soft on the inside. I was right about my initial observations of the burger itself and discovered the inside to be perfectly pink. My only critique is that the cheese could’ve been melted more thoroughly before being placed on the table. The duck confit, while being just slightly dry, was presented very nicely over a bed of wonderfully whipped mashed potatoes and greens.

Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to taste the oysters, which are freshly flown in from France and are apparently a mélange of amazing flavors. Next time.


Fond of the Chocolate Fondant


After engorging ourselves till our chairs almost buckled, we asked for dessert. Dessert was a combination of the strawberry tiramisu and chocolate fondant. I am personally partial to chocolate, especially if it comes in the form as a chocolate cake with a gooey center, and was very impressed with the presentation and flavor of the fondant. I believe it is not easy to create a cake with so many textures, but Shark does it very well. The strawberry tiramisu was more or less a standard tiramisu with a hint of strawberry preserve at the bottom and a sliced fresh strawberry on top. Overall, the chocolate fondant definitely won first prize.

After being very satisfied with our meal, we asked for the check. I have come to expect high prices for nice meals, such as the one we had just enjoyed, and was surprised when the bill finally came. Overall Shark was a great food experience, both simple and sophisticated with a good balance between relaxed and fancy décor. You would feel comfortable taking a first date there or heading there after work with a few friends. That’s the beauty of Shark: fancy fare without breaking the bank and I left more than satisfied.


address and contact:


West of Bar Street, Sea World Square, Shekou, Shenzhen
Tel: +86 (755) 26029569


Our special thanks to Shark Fine Wine & Dine for their cooperation.

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