Rosebank - Romantic Cocktails With Hidden Intrigue

If You Deserve It, You Can Find It.




Like every major city, Shenzhen has its own hidden gems. And this is exactly what Rosebank is, a very hidden gem.

Described by a few as literally the best bar they’ve ever been to, I had to try it. Located in OCT Loft, the artist district of Shenzhen, Rosebank is out there but not easy to find. However, for imbibers familiar with the scene, the secrecy is all part of the appeal.

“When I posted pictures on WeChat my friends were like: ‘Hey hey where is that?’ and I was like ‘Nah, it’s a secret,’” says Maximillien Triquigneaux of Grayton Watches. “You feel like if everybody knows about it, it would kill the magic.”


Friendly Bartenders Boast Great Skills


While the intrigue brings new customers through the doors, the speakeasy décor and high quality customized concoctions keeps regular customers from abandoning their barstools for the next new thing.

I found the bartenders abilities to be above and beyond what I have come to expect from bars in Shenzhen and China. Many times, a lack of eye contact is coupled with a general malaise towards customers and a somewhat of a “just-pay-and-leave-me-alone” attitude.

However, Rosebank was a breath of fresh air in a country normally sporting “high-risk” ppm levels. While not overly talkative, the bartenders at Rosebank made friendly conversation and the occasional joke while mixing cocktail after cocktail.


unique drink creations satisfy senses


In addition to having a great selection of whisky, by far the best part of the bar was the cocktails. The bartenders are masters at mixing and just need you to list a few of your favorite flavors before creating a completely customized potion. Say “chocolate” for instance, and they nuance it with brandy and subtle flavors of ginger that turns a drink into an experience, a reward.

Overall, I was more than impressed with Rosebank and while I rarely give in to incredible declarations, I can safely say that while it may not literally be the best bar I’ve ever been to, it’s definitely the best in Shenzhen.

address and contact:

Rosebank Whisky & Cocktail Bar.
單一麥芽威士忌酒吧 (traditional CH)
单一麦芽威士忌酒吧 (simplified CH)

No. 210, Building A4, Huaqiaocheng chuangyi gongyeyuan beiqu (OCT Loft), Shenzhen
Tel: +86 (755) 86337473
Opening Hours: 7:30pm - 01:00am, Mon to Sun


Our special thanks to Rosebank for their cooperation.

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Grayton Team

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Sheray Felice


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