Grayton is one of the first brands to entirely build his manufacturing strategy around the revolutionary FINS SOLUTIONS from the Montrichard Group.

The Art of Watchmaking

S.8 Automatic Watches

Did you know that automatic matches last ten times longer than quartz watches? While quartz watches require a battery change every two or three years, automatic watches do not need service for 20 years or longer.

Our Japanese NH 35 movement that includes stainless steel, brass, plastic and more than 24 jewels is the first step in creating a durable automatic watch. Notably, the 24 jewels in the movement work as cushions to reduce the friction between the metals. And, guess how many pieces are actually required to create a movement? If you guessed 166, you’d be right! It takes 166 tiny pieces to create each watch that you see. Yes, we are that committed to ensuring that our watches are well made.


Traditional Watch Manufacturing

We select the best materials because we believe that only best materials can make the best watches. Our craftsmen pay close attention to every detail of the watch to ensure and insure the exquisite quality of each timepiece. We use the same type of watch manufacturing that’s been used to make automatic watches for decades. We know you must deal with many sources of stress each day, let our watch help ease your stress, not create new ones.


Design of an Automatic Watch

The Art of Watch Design

We take the quality of our watches very seriously, but that does not mean we do not care about our design. We are very serious about making sure that our watches appeal visually. At Grayton, we offer a variation of designs without losing our tradition. Whether your style is casual, polished, or unique, we have products just for you.


The Best Material for A Quality Watch

Stainless steel case

Our stainless steel case with a hint of silver, IP gold, or IP rose gold gives our watches each a unique character while maintaining our signature design. One of our finest features is our transparent backside or “open-heart” design, that allows you to see the inside movements of the watch!


Dial and Hands

Dials and hands are the core parts of any watch and we paid extra attention to even the smallest details of our dials and hands. There are two types of dials: satin and sunray-gradient. Both inspired by a SoHo trend-setter, our satin dials give a simple, classy, and polished look to our watches while our sunray dials offer a hip, modern and distinctive look for our customers looking to stand out. Regardless of what you choose, a Grayton watch is a great way to accessorize your sartorial efforts.

Whether it’s every night, or every now and then there comes a time when we’ll stay out later than planned. And while you can’t always rely on the battery of our phone, we tell you with confidence that you can rely on your Grayton. With their super luminous colored hands, a Grayton automatic watch will allow you to know what time it is no matter how dark it is.


Leather Strap and Stainless Steel Bracelets

The design of our bracelets is as important as that of our dials. At Grayton, we work hard to customize and satisfy different tastes. We chose genuine leather and stainless steel as our materials for our watch straps and bracelets. We offer two types of genuine leather bracelets: an “alligator embossed” style for a more vintage look and a flat cut edge style for a more tailored look. We also offer three types of stainless-steel bracelets: gold for the distinguished, silver for the traditionalists and rose-gold for the modernist.


Water resistance

100 Meters Water Resistance

A Grayton automatic watch is a beautiful piece of mechanical engineering, and we took all the necessary precautions to make it as durable as possible. One of the unique features of our watches is their water resistance. Whether your watch has a leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet, they all come with 10 ATM water resistance. Forgot your umbrella in the rain? Accidentally jumped in the water with your watch on? No worries. A Grayton watch is there to make your life more enjoyable without worrying about getting your watch checked.



A Light For All The Nights to Come – Super LumiNova Hands and Numbers

At Grayton, we use Super Luminova to add a glow to our hands and numbers. The Super-Luminova soaks up all the light that was exposed throughout the day and illuminates at night. So let’s say for example, winter is coming and Manhattan finds itself in sudden darkness after being attacked by a large zombie army and suddenly you find yourself in charge of an entire group of people defending the city from destruction. You could look down and see nothing or, like a sword in the darkness you could see your watch just fine. In this situation, the latter seems the most desirable.

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