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Automatic Watches for Women

36 mm case

Every woman wants to look timeless, so why not accessorize the same way? Our 36mm collection is made specifically for a woman’s wrist and is a great accessory to pair with any style you choose. Explore our collection of women’s styles and find the right one for you. And a woman’s watch makes the perfect gift, whether it’s her birthday, Valentine’s Day, your anniversary or just because she makes you smile. Say: “I love you” with a Grayton.

With a 36mm diameter, these watches for women are a mix of classic ladies watches and fashion watches with a great modern style.

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Capturing your daily moments is an important part of the Grayton experience. It is the passion of our customers and therefore the soul of our brand. Atop a building with a fantastic view, near the sea, in your favorite coffee shop or a cozy moment at home in front of the fire...

Let your imagination run wild...

Grayton Automatic Watches for Women:
A Spark of Elegance and Urbane Lifestyle

When the epoch of perpetual love for sophistication and elegance has started to flourish a way better than it is before, the fashion world has become mum for a moment, then discreetly followed the developments and the trends until everything just becomes a huge blast. Fashion buzzwords become more familiar and the globally competitive market has started to go with the “what’s in” in the industry.

To satisfy every women’s desire to flaunt their elegant lifestyles in a classy and refined way, the fashion industry revolutionizes almost everything; from beauty products, clothes, shoes and of course, accessories. Women are naturally “accessories lover” and there are quite a lot of these kinds of stuff in the list, but a stunning automatic watch is definitely an alluring treasure that you cannot defy to have.

With this, Grayton Watches has created a classic collection of its captivating and undoubtedly enticing ladies automatic watches. Crafted with extreme care and zeal to produce only the best watches for women, this is another Grayton Collection that we are very proud of.

Composed of marvelous timepieces, this collection is created with a touch of the modern and modest lives of the contemporary women bearing customary demeanors while trying to be chic and gracious.

These ladies automatic watches have a distinguishing 36 mm cases perfectly paired with colorful bracelets made of either stainless steel or embossed leather straps plus designs and color combinations that reflect femininity at all cost.

Modern women are always into the fashion craze and their eyes and ears are always into what is en vogue at a time. The endless search for the perfect ladies automatic watches is something that classy women will vie for just to make sure they get the look they want to have in the spotlight.

With this given, women’s signature clothes are nothing without signature watches. Crafted the Grayton way, our automatic watches for women are indeed awesome. With the choices we offer you, let your heart and mind decide at the same time about “what’s the one” for you.

These watches are the answer for this unending friendly strife of those who are looking for their best watches. From a company with roots from an established name in the watchmaking industry, our ladies automatic watches collection is definitely what you need.

Show off your style by choosing the right timepiece you will surely enjoy, anytime and anywhere, regardless of the occasion. With this collection, you get the dandy watch that you need, carefree and elegantly.

This is the savior faire of an avid fashionmonger.