Live Life in Automatic

Like the beat of your heart, imagine a watch that never stops.

One that moves with you and continues its motion for days without winding:

This is Grayton


Classic Collection

The Art of Automatic

Automatic watches were developed long ago but their craftsmanship

is so desired that they remain in use today. Grayton pays homage to that

fine heritage with close attention to every detail of their watches,

ensuring exquisite quality in each timepiece.


About Grayton

Grayton was born to celebrate automatic timepieces and offer

handsome choices for luxury lifestyles.

Choose the watch that authentically

demonstrates your values and beliefs


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Capturing your daily moments is an important part of the Grayton experience. It is the passion of our customers and therefore the soul of our brand. Atop a building with a fantastic view, near the sea, in your favorite coffee shop or a cozy moment at home in front of the fire...

Let your imagination run wild...